Mira och det nya Coronaviruset (Covid-19)

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Med anledning av det nya Coronaviruset (Covid-19) tänkte vi informera om att Mira har öppet som vanligt. Från och med måndag 16/3 så arbetar samtliga medarbetare hemifrån, främst för att undvika kollektivtrafiken. Vi har goda förutsättningar och vana av att arbeta på distans och även under normala förhållanden så jobbar flera medarbetare på distans. Vår verksamhet med kundservice, kundprojekt och … Read More

How do I make a note on a person?

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In Mira, there are three ways to make a note on a person: add an internal note, log an activity, and flagging a person. An internal note is shown in the profile for a person and is not connected to a specific date, responsible, etc. An example could be “Currently on parental leave”. To add an internal note, click Edit … Read More

Jag vill skicka en påminnelse på ett tidigare utskick. Hur gör jag om jag vill använda det gamla utskicket?

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I Mira kan du återanvända tidigare utskick, och göra ett nytt utskick till samma mottagare och eller utgå från samma innehåll som i det tidigare utskicket. Gör så här: För att använda samma mottagare som på det förra utskicket, gå till E-post > Skickad e-post och välj det tidigare utskicket. Markera fliken Mottagare, och filtrera på status för att få … Read More

How should mobile phone numbers be written to ensure delivery of text messages?

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To ensure delivery of text messages, write the mobile phone number using E.164 phone number formatting. For phone numbers not written in that way, we will try our best to interpret the number. If you have phone numbers in a format that does not match the E.164 standard and is not delivered, let us know and we will look into … Read More

Does the SMS service price include sending international text messages?

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Yes. Many clients have requested predictable costs, we therefore offer a flat monthly price for the functionality including a maximum number of text messages sent per year after the initial set up cost. There are no additional costs for each message sent, different countries, etc.

Why is my application page closed?

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In most situations the application page will open and close automatically. When you create an event, the application page is activated by default, and it will close when the event begins. There are a few situations when the application page is closed, and here is what you can do about it. a) If you copy an existing event, you need to … Read More

What are design templates and content templates for email communications?

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When sending e-mail from Mira, you create an email campaign. An email campaign is sent to one or several recipients. Unlike when sending to multiple recipients with a regular email program such as Outlook or Gmail, when using Mira to send email, a separate recipient email is generated for each recipient. You can therefore use dynamic fields such as ##Firstname## … Read More

List of My Alumni Page registrations

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My Alumni Page is the easiest way for your alumni to indicate their interests, and control their communication preferences. When an alumn access their alumni page, we will first try to match existing persons by the authenticated email address. If no match is found, the system will ask for identification and then try to look up and validate the alumn … Read More

How does module based permissions work?

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In Mira access to functionality is controlled by giving a user access to certain modules in the system (“module based permissions”). This means that you can limit access to e.g. fundraising information by only giving access to the fundraising module to relevant users. Access to fundraising information both on an aggregated level and for persons and organisations is only available … Read More

Why can’t I copy and paste with formatting into an email?

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This is to make sure that your email will only contain formatting that will work as intended on all major email clients. Unlike today’s web browsers, email clients differ greatly in what formatting they support. An email that looks great in Gmail on desktop might look garbled in Outlook or on Apple mail on iOS devices. To make sure emails … Read More