Webinar – Mira Network CRM for International student recruitment on the 21st of September (11:00 Stockholm, 12:00 Helsinki)

Johan JohannessonInternational Student Recruitment, Webinar

Mira is the leading CRM-system for higher education in the Nordics. We have ready made solutions for CRM, Email communications, Event management, International Student Recruitment, Alumni relations, Fundraising/Development, Corporate Relations and more.

During the webinar, we will show how Mira’s CRM is used for international student recruitment. Mira CRM supports:

  • The entire process from prospective students, via admission to staying alumni
  • To collect prospects, follow up leads from student portals, manage agents and events
  • To intelligently communicate with prospects to help them through application and admissions processes
  • Integration with student portals, admission systems and study administrative systems such as LADOK, FS, Peppi, etc. which reduces the need for duplication of work, saves time and increases quality
  • How to follow up and analyze to continuously improve

Mira Network CRM is a modern, clear and easy-to-use system that increases efficiency and reduces personal dependence.

The webinar is free of charge and you register below: