HOWTO: Color rows in a query (beta)

Magnus BrattUncategorized

Sometimes you need to set different status for persons in a saved query, or track them through some kind of process. E.g. if you have a list of prospects to contact, and you need to keep track of to be contacted, is interested, and is not interested.

In Mira you can set each row in a query to a predefined color. Do like this:

  1. On the tab Persons for a static query, select one or more rows
  2. Click the actions button (bolt) and select the color you want for the selected rows
  3. The row will now be highlighted in the selected color.

One benefit of using a CRM instead of Excelfiles, is that it makes it easier to share information with teammates. Therefore, it can be a good idea to note what each color used means. You can use the Description field that you edit on the Save as tab.

Color rows in query

You can also filter rows based on one or more colors.

Filter rows by color

If you download the query to Excel, there will be a new column Color that indicates that row’s color.



Can I also color rows for saved queries of organizations?

Yes, it works the same way for both saved queries of persons and organizations.

Can I use more colors or set my own colors?

No, currently you can only use the predefined colors: green, yellow, red, blue, and white.

Can I color rows in system or dynamic queries also?

No, that is not currently possible since the persons or organizations that are included in a dynamic query might change. If you want to color rows in a dynamic query, you first need to convert it to a static query from the Save as tab.