Mira’s 2020 Year In Review

Johan JohannessonBlog

“When will this pandemic end?” is a question we’ve asked ourselves with increasing frequency this year. Now, in the beginning of 2021, it seems the world is closer to getting an answer, as vaccines begin to slowly roll out across the world, offering hope for an end to a pandemic that’s turned our lives upside down.

It can be hard to feel optimistic when there are still so many challenges ahead. But in a year of unprecedented change, we also feel hopeful, having seen time and time again the power of people to find new ways to navigate through this crisis. One significant change for us at Mira has been to the new reality of a home office work environment. There certainly have been some bumps in the road, but all in all we think it went surprisingly smooth.

As 2020 has past, we share this look at some of the year’s milestones and what we’re looking forward to in 2021.

Our clients are amazing

We are always amazed when we look at what our clients are accomplishing using our system. Here are a few of the highligts from the past year

Åbo Akademi saves the Ocean.
Åbo Akademi have long maintained a high profile in Baltic Sea research. Marine biology is a research-intensive subject with a strong international orientation. Since June 2017, The Sea has been one of their four focal areas in research. The profile area is a collaborative effort with the University of Turku. The research has a particular focus on marine biology, regulation and other steering mechanisms as well as maritime logistics and trade, with the Baltic Sea serving as a global model. Åbo  Akademi are using Miras solution for online donations to get donationsas part of their interdisciplinary research project to preserve and rebuild the environment in the Baltic Sea

University of Bergen offer their alumni digital membership cards
The University of Bergen is the first university in Norway to implement a membership card for their alumni. As part of their  alumni offer UiB and Mira has developed a digital membership card that their alumni can use to get discounts and other benefits. The membership card can be accessed through the alumni profile and is automatically generated when an alumni register. Read more about the membership card and the benefits that are associated with it here.




Karolinska institutet fight Covid with the help of donations
Karolinska institutet is the highest ranked medical university in the Nordics. With the Covid breakout hit last spring scientists at Karolinska institutet immediately started to work trying to understand more about the virus and uncover solutions to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. In an unprecedented inflow of donations Karolinska institutet received over 100 million SEK for supporting their corona research. Read more about it here

Several universities have launched new alumni pages using our new alumni web registration creator.
Lund university has together with us developed a completely new alumni solution  that offers more flexibility, the option to use multiple application forms and much better design options. After the first launch in February several other universities such as Hanken and Linköping university have also upgraded to the new alumni solution.


A warm welcome to our new clients!

During 2020 we have started to work with Chalmers University of Technology, Karlstad university, Vaasa university, The Norwegian university of Life Sciences and Svensk Solenergi. We are of course overjoyed to have the chance to work with them and are looking forward to both be inspired by them and to deliver smart solutions that create value in their external relations.

We aim to improve – every day and every night

During 2020 we  have continued to improve our solutions and have launched a new and more flexible alumni solution. We are also currently working with Uppsala university to do a  total revamp of our contract education module and during 2020 we have also improved our integration with the swedish study administration system (LADOK).  In addition to these larger projects we are doing small improvements and tweaks every day. All our systems update every night so new features and improvements become available to our customers from one day to the next.  If you are curious about what we have been working on during the fall, check out our release notes page

We can all use some help sometimes!

Is there anything worse than getting stuck working with a system without knowing what to do? Trust us, we know the feeling. And while we might not have the immediate answer to to every question, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to the in our Knowledge Base (fancier word for FAQ). Here are the top five most viewed pages in the Knowledge Base. 

Vad heter personnummer (och samordningsnummer) på engelska?

What is the difference between a Static and a Dynamic Query?

FAQ: What does start and end date really mean for an event?

How long does it take for an e-mail to reach the recipient?

Hur bör man hantera personer med skyddad identitet i Mira? Vad innebär skyddad hemadress?

While there is always more to do, we are thrilled by what we have done. We would like to thank you all for a good collaboration in 2020 and we look forward to an exciting 2021.