List of My Alumni Page registrations

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My Alumni Page is the easiest way for your alumni to indicate their interests, and control their communication preferences.

My Alumni Page

When an alumn access their alumni page, we will first try to match existing persons by the authenticated email address. If no match is found, the system will ask for identification and then try to look up and validate the alumn in the student administrative system (LADOK, FS, Oodi, etc). If the alumn cannot be matched or validated, she will need to be processed manually.

In RM, navigate to Alumni > Registrations to see a list of registrations in need of manual processing.

Alumni registrations

Processing the registration and duplicate detection still use the old interface.

Using the filter, you can also view previously approved and denied registrations, both manual and automatic. For approved registrations you will see the person the registration is connected to.

Alumni registrations filter

As in any list, you can select rows for approved applications and send email, e.g. to send a personalized welcome message. Filter approved registrations, sort by approval date, select the registrations you just approved, and from the action menu, choose Send email… and then continue by selecting a template and compose your message.

Alumni registrations select

You can also download the list of registrations to do some quick statistical analysis, eg. number of registrations per month. In the filter box, select nothing so that you get all registrations. Select all, and download to Excel. You can then make pivot table such as this

Alumni registrations Excel pivot table