Recent updates to Mira – June 28th: New membership management module and improvements to the event management module

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Thank you for using Mira and providing feedback! We continuously update and improve the functionality in Mira based on feedback and requests from our clients. Here is a quick update on recent development.

[ New module: Membership management ] Together with Novia University of Applied Sciences, we have developed a standardized module to manage members and memberships that Novium, their student union will use as their membership system.

The new membership module allows Novium to keep track of their members and manage membership payments.

With the Membership Management module you manage members and memberships. In the Membership portal, members can see their current membership status and purchase membership with online payments. In the CRM you can manage and communicate with your members.

[ EVENT ] Add participants as an administrator. You can pre-fill the registration form and automatically connect the event registration with a person. See Adding registrations as an event administrator. (#41353)

[ EVENT ] Added the ability to send email to all registered, regardless if they are connected to a person or not. For connected persons the persons primary email is used, for not connected participants, the email from the registration is used. (#41354)

[ EVENT ] Added the ability to set the times when the registration form should be open. Previously you could only set the dates. (#41391)

[ EVENT ] Streamlined the user interface for connecting multiple registrations in sequence. (#41466)

[ EVENT ] When creating a new person from a registration, all person fields from the registration is copied to the new person. (#41465)

[ EVENT ] The list of upcoming events is now based on end date, instead of startdate to better accommodate multi day events. This also means that all events need to have an explicit end date. (#41650)

[ EVENT ] Updated labels now available in Norwegian (#41614)

[ EVENT ] Improved the search function on an event to allow administrators to more efficiently search and filter on participants (#41393)

Bug fixes 

[ EVENT ] Fixed an error that made the confirmation mail in some cases not show the end date for the event (#40235)

[ EVENT ] Modified the short list in the left hand menu to show all events (#41392)