Improvements to Event Management

Christian DahlkvistBlog, Event Management

We have released new features and improvements in our Mira Event Management module. We have modified the left navigation bar, improved the listing of events as well as made it possible to copy a previous event when creating a new event.


We have made it easier and more logical to list and add events or event series. Under Event in the left navigation there are now two options: Events and Event series.

Listing and adding events or event series

We have made improvements to how events and event series are listed. When clicking Events in the left navigation you come to the list of future events. The list is filtered to show only future events per default, but can be filtered to show previous events too. You can also select which columns you want to be visible in the list by clicking on the “eye icon”.



To add a new event click the + button.


By default, only upcoming events are shown. To view previous evens, unselect the filter, then all events are shown.  There is no way to filter by date, but you can sort the list of events by clicking the “date” column header. Click again to reverse sort order.



Copy a previous event to quickly create a new event

We have it possible to copy a previous event in order to quickly create a new similar event.

Go to the event you want to copy and click the new “Copy event” button in the top-right corner. A new event will be created with the same application fields and application page settings and texts as the original event.