Stockholm University is mentioned among the 14 Best University Twitter Accounts


We came across an interesting article on Hubspot’s blog the other day. Quote: “If social media teams at universities want to target the college demographic, they need to start by understanding and adapting to students’ social media habits. Universities are lucky to already have a built-in community – and Twitter is a great place for them to inform and engage with students, prospective students, alumni, and faculty.”


Hubspot also writes that many universities are doing well on Twitter, and we agree. Many of our customers in the Nordic Region are very active on Twitter. Making it easy for the surrounding society to keep in touch and up-to-date. However, Hubspot have listed the 14 best accounts – and Stockholm University is among them with the motivation:

“The first thing you’ll notice when you go to Stockholm Universitet’s Twitter page is their gorgeous cover photo. While most universities feature a picture of campus or a stock-like photo of students in a study group laughing hysterically, these folks created their own custom graphic that striking and colorful. The school’s tweets themselves have a great balance of text-only tweets, picture tweets, retweets, and even retweets with comments.”

Well done Stockholm University!

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