Getting started is the most important thing – Alumni Kick-Start


Mira Alumni Kick-start is a solution for organizations who work with Alumni Relations, have limited resources, low budget, and who quick and easy want to get started. The solution includes CRM and strategy, all based on our experience and best practice for alumni relations – focusing on things that provide documented effects and impact, keeping risk low, creating efficiency, and quickly getting started. Many of our customers that are successful actors today started with Alumni Kick-Start.

Why Alumni Relations?

Alumni relations are important for the the university. Many universities have 50,000 or more living alumni. Imagine what these alumni are doing to drive society forward. Alumni have the most positive view of the university, and surveys show that 50% of those who knows about the university do it through word of mouth. Whether ambition is high or low, if you want to interact with the social and economic development regionally, nationally or internationally – alumni relations are an important parameter. And do not forget – alumni loves to give back.

What is Alumni Kick-Start?

Alumni Kick-Start is well-packaged and standardized solution based on best practice. The solution helps you to collect contact information about the alumni to the CRM, get the information segmented – and then choose specific channels to communicate in depending on segment. It also offers the alumni a good, simple, and modern solution for updating their information. Alumni Kick-Start includes help with strategy and focuses on things that provide documented effects and real impact. Try Alumni Kick-Start for six-months and then evaluate your results. The solution is dynamic and scalable. You can stop using it after six months or keep on growing.

Alumni Kick-Start suits organizations who:
  • want a CRM Solution adapted for alumni relations
  • want low risk and quick results
  • need a (new) alumni strategy and activity plan
  • have a limited budget and do not want to make a big investment
  • want to start small and grow in the long term
  • do not have the time or resources to work with a alumni portal solution/advanced network
  • want an easy way to collect contact information to the Alumni CRM, get the information segmented – and then choose specific channels to communicate in depending on segment
Psst. We held a webinar about Mira Alumni Kick-Start 4/6 2015. Watch the video!


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