Together with Lund University we have developed a solution for Mobility


LundUniversity_C2line_RGBThe project started in the winter of 2013. Lund University had a major need of a joint solution to manage the process for student exchange. The solution is integrated with the university’s overall Mira Solution in order to obtain one system for all External Relations – an integrated CRM Solution.

We have come a long way in the project. We have built a mobility system that includes all processes for students, faculty and staff, both incoming and outgoing. The solution offers a smooth contract and mobility management, a good overview and reliable statistics for decision-making and follow-up. The next step is to develop a scholarship module.

Our experience and expertise within External Relations has been put to use within the project – and Lund University teaches us more about mobility. Which is valuable and constitutes a good collaboration. The Mobility Solution is a great success and we are now ready to offer it to more universities in the Nordics. This fall we will share more information about Mira Mobility and how Lund University uses it.

Lund University have integrate their mobility solution with their overall and Mira solution, that consists of the products: Mira ERM BASE, Mira Alumni Relations, Mira Fundraising Management, Mira Contract Education and Mira Student Recruitment. One system for all relations, but with access to the same database – an integrated CRM Solution.

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