Aalto University launched Mira’s LinkedIn Integration with 700 connections after 30 minutes


A big challenge that universities face is up-to-date career information. Last week Aalto University successfully launched their LinkedIn Integration. Only 30 minutes after the first mailing about the integration 700 alumni had connected their LinkedIn profile with Mira. And less than a day later the number was twice as much. Today, a week after the launch the number is over 2000.

– We are very happy about the result of our launch and – it was above our expectations, says Jenni Kuusivuori, Aalto University. We want to know where our alumni work in order to be able to help them with their career development and to be able to offer a better service to them.

And this was only the first message. The university have many other activities planned within the launch campaign – which indicates further great results to come. Many congratulations to Aalto University’s great succés! To be continued.

About Mira’s LinkedIn Integration

Mira’s LinkedIn Integration is multiple solution for multiple problems. The integration provides your CRM Solution with up-to-date career information without administration. It also generates good data quality, profile pictures and single-sign-on for portal members. For more information, read a full story about Aarhus University and how they have been using Mira’s LinkedIn Integration. Read more!

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