NE5 Release #16399 Career


We have now finished the first of a two part project aiming to improve the career functionality. In the first part we have focused on improving the listing of job opportunities, the subscription and search functions as well as polished the presentation page of the job adds. The second part will focus on company presentations

Redesigned the placement listings

We have redesigned the placement listings to make it more intinuitive for the portal users to search for relevant opportunities. We have also added the possibility for administrators to include company logos to the listing.

Upgraded the search and subscription features

We have also improved the way portal users search and subscribe to job opportunities.  Portal users can now easily search out job opportunities by selecting criteria as shown on the picture below. The system will dynamically find those opportunities matching your criterias. Portal users can also subscribe to their chosen criterias. An email with relevant opportunites will be sent out daily or weekly, decided by the user.

Polished the job opportunity presentation page

Finally we have polished the presentation of the job opportunities and added the possibility to include company logos in the presentation.