Status of Finnish HEI fundraising

MiraFundraising Management

Helsingin Sanomat had a summary yesterday how much money the Finnish universities have raised so far (until Dec 2010) under the matched funding scheme.

Aalto university (175 MEUR before matched funding) and Tampere University of Technology (37.5 MEUR) were established as foundations in 2010.
The top 5 list for the other universities are:
Hanken (12.8 MEUR)
Åbo Akademi (11.3 MEUR)
University of Helsinki (10.9 MEUR)
Univerity of Turku (9.5 MEUR)
University of Oulu (9.2 MEUR)
The Finnish goverment has pledged to match all gifts (until June 30, 2011), turning 1 EUR raised into 3,5 EUR for the university.