Miras new Facebook module is ready!

Mirasocial media

We are happy to introduce our new Facebook (FB) module. It’s a lot more advanced than the present and will be of great support for getting updated personal information about your alumnus and for your alumnus to recruit new members amongst their Facebook contacts.

This module will:
– Market your university and your Alumni activity on FB
– Help recruit new members to the alumni network from FB
– You will get updated personal information from your alumnus
– You will reach out with information (ex: news, calendar events) to your alumnus on FB.
– Your information will in a higher degree be a part of the general flow of Feeds on FB
– Your alumnus can show that he/she is a alumnus at your university.
– Your alumnus can update his/hers information in their alumnus profile with out having to log on to two networks.
– The alumnus can take part of the information sent from the alumni network without having to log on to two networks.
– It’s easy for the alumnus to tell others on FB about your university alumni network.

If you want to learn more about the module, please contact us!