Our CRM Solutions. Unlocking the value of External Relations.

Our idea is to offer CRM Solutions especially designed and perfectly suited for External Relations for Higher Education, and Commercial Education. Our products are based on best practices and experience. Since our start 1998 we have worked with more than 60 universities in the Nordic region.

Most CRM systems are designed for businesses that keep track of prospects and customers. Typical CRM systems are difficult to implement for External Relations for Higher and Commercial Education. All the business processes need to be tailor-made for the needs of the organization. Therefore we want to provide Higher and Commercial Education with long-term CRM Solutions that specifically suits and supports their organization.

One system for all relations. Your organization can work systematically with its relations – keeping track of and building its relations to the surrounding society, individuals and organizations. Each user has access to dedicated applications for specific tasks and roles. Alumni Coordinators can use our Alumni Relations Management product and Fundraisers our Fundraising Management product, but with access to the same database. Making it possible to work with a cross departement approach, and to take advantage of synergy effects – unlocking the value of external relations.

Start simple with room to grow. Get a flying start with a standard package. You can choose your own level. And as your organization wants to involve more departments in the CRM Solution, additional products can easily be added. All of our solutions are accessible via subscription model and based on a scalable platform.

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Our Products

Our products are based on best practice and supports relationship management from student recruitment to alumni relations – allowing you to follow and manage a person’s travel through the university’s lifecycle.




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ERM Modules.
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Mira Alumni Relations Portal

Mira My Alumni Page

Mira Career Services

Mira Contract Education

Mira Fundraising Management

Mira Student Recruitment

Mira Mobility

Add-on modules.
Expanding is easy!

Mira’s LinkedIn Integration

Mira Event Management

Mira’s SAS Integration (Ladok, FS, Oodi, STADS, Nya, and more)

Mira’s Integration with Economic Systems

Mira’s Duplicate Management

Mira Company Sign Up

Mira Online Donations

Mira Student Assignment