Our add-on services

Improve the data quality, analyze the content, save time, and increase your power and skills in Mira. Our add-on services helps you to receive more value from your Mira Solution.


Knowledge, strength and control – increase the value of your Mira solution with our training sessions.

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Customized Reports

Calculate the data, analyze the content, and save time. Reports are beneficial to the individual user as well as the entire organization.

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Design and Layout

Obtain a consistent and clear graphic profile and create credibility and transparency in the content of your message.

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Alumni Coordinator

Need help within your Alumni Organization? Hire Mira Network as the organization’s Alumni Coordinator. We are experts within External Relations – in this case Alumni Relations.

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Data Quality

Are you missing out on vital information? Analyze and improve the data – good data quality helps your organization to achieve its goals.

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Import of Data

Import data and increase the value of the Mira system, get collected data in one system, save time and establish better data quality.

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